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Study of the influence of the intrinsic parameters of charcoal pellets and relative humidity on compressive strength and moisture adsorption

Himbane P.B., Ndiaye L., Napoli A., Rozis J.F.. 2019. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering. A : p. 249-256.

DOI: 10.17265/2162-5298/2019.06.003

In this study, charcoal fines mixed with wheat starch or arabic gum were used to produce pellets. Moisture adsorption increased greatly by increasing relative humidity. Moisture adsorption depends also on the binder type used. All charcoal pellets had compressive strength above 1.0 MPa and their moisture adsorption reached 3% to 12% depending on relative humidity conditions. In authors' experiment field, statistical analysis showed that binder type and the rate of binder had more significant effects on compressive strength. The moisture adsorption was more influenced by relative humidity and binder type.

Mots-clés : charbon; propriété physicochimique; humidité; absorption d'eau; déchet agricole; gomme arabique; utilisation des déchets

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