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Innovative non-destructive sorting technique for juicy stone fruits: textural properties of fresh mangos and purees

Labaky P., Grosmaire L., Ricci J., Wisniewski C., Louka N., Dahdouh L.. 2020. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 123 : p. 188-198.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fbp.2020.06.013

Mango has an abundant production leading to important post-harvest losses. Mango processing is an alternative to reduce these losses. Nowadays, the lack of instrumental tools suitable to sort mangos according to their ability to be processed into products with specific quality is a main setback for their processing. The aim of this study was to develop new tools, mainly non-destructive, to sort easily fresh mangos according to their maturity stage and to the specific properties of their purees. To this end, an innovative experimental strategy combining textural, rheological and physico-chemical analyses was proposed to characterize mangos and their purees. Results showed that mango firmness is a great indicator of mango heterogeneity and has an important impact on the properties of mango purees. A non-destructive compression test was reliable to measure accurately mango firmness and to anticipate rheological and particles size properties of mango purees.

Mots-clés : mangue; purée de fruit; rhéologie; propriété rhéologique; fruits à noyau

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