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Extending Afrotropical endemism: Two species of Epitranus Walker, 1832 (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) in the Palaearctic region

Fakhrzadeh N., Lotfalizadeh H., Delvare G.. 2020. Oriental Insects : 14 p..

(Risbec) and Epitranus torymoides (Risbec), initially described from the Afrotropical region, are recorded for the first time from Iran in the Western Palaearctic. These species were collected using Malaise traps in the south of Iran. A key to three species of Epitranus known from Iran is provided. The female of E. hamoni is described and a short diagnose is provided for E. torymoides. The presence of Afrotropical Chalcididae in Iran and in the Palaearctic region are discussed.

Thématique : Taxonomie et géographie animales; Anatomie et morphologie des animaux

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