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Textural and physicochemical predictors of sensory texture and sweetness of boiled plantain

Kouassi H.A., Assemand E.F., Gibert O., Maraval I., Ricci J., Thiemele D.E.F., Bugaud C.. 2021. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 56 (3) : p. 1160-1170.

DOI: 10.1111/ijfs.14765

Boiled pulp is a major form of consumption for plantain. We assessed instrumental (puncture test and texture profile analysis) and sensory texture attributes of 13 plantain cultivars, two cooking hybrids, and one dessert banana at different stages of ripeness after cooking in boiling water. Firmness, chewiness, stickiness, mealiness, sweetness and moistness described sensory variability, which was greater between stages of ripeness than between types of cultivars. Firmness and chewiness were well-predicted by instrumental force and hardness (r2 > 0.72), and by soluble solid and dry matter content (r2 > 0.85). Complementary sensitivity analysis revealed that a pulp puncture force or a hardness of at least 2.1 N or of 0.3 N/mm2, was needed before a difference in firmness or chewiness could be perceived; and a Brix of 3.7 was required to ensure a detectable difference in sweetness. Rheological and biochemical predictors can be useful for breeders for high throughput phenotyping.

Mots-clés : banane plantain; aliment préparé; propriété physicochimique; propriété organoleptique; douceur; indicateur biologique; analyse de régression

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