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Combined thermo-acoustic upgrading of solid fuel: experimental and numerical investigation

Galvão L.G.O., Chaves B.S., Girão de Morais M.V., Do Vale A.T., Caldeira-Pires A., Rousset P., Silveira E.A.. 2020. In : Mauguin P. (ed.), Scarlat N. (ed.), Grassi A. (ed.), Helm P. (ed.). Bioeconomy's role in the post-pandemic economic recovery. Florence : ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, p. 567-573. (European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings, 28). European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2020). 28, 2020-07-06/2020-07-09, ().

DOI: 10.5071/28thEUBCE2020-3DO.6.2

Torrefaction is a thermal modification used to the enhancement of fuel characteristics. This paper describes the effect of an innovative thermo-acoustic torrefaction reactor on the physical and chemical properties of torrefied Eucalyptus grandis wood. The aim was to evaluate the combined effect of the temperature (250 and 270 °C) and acoustic frequencies (1411,1810,2478 and 2696 Hz) by the assessment of the solid yield and its deviation, proximate and elemental analysis as well as energy content. A numerical model of kinetics reaction rates and solid composition allowed the evaluation of the thermo-acoustic torrefaction experiment showing faster reaction rates for treatments under acoustic. Statistical analysis results indicated that the applied frequencies affect the higher heating value but did not significantly affect the other parameters. However, its dynamic profiles show that acoustic may accelerate the degradation process. The kinetic numerical simulation of the acoustic coupling resulted in faster conversion rates for the solid pseudo-components leading to a stronger degradation of the intermediate product.

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