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Understanding cassava varietal preferences through pairwise ranking of gari-eba and fufu prepared by local farmer-processors

Teeken B., Agbona A., Abolore B., Olaosebikan O., Alamu E., Adesokan M., Awoyale W., Madu T., Okoye B., Chijioke U., Owoade D., Okoro M., Bouniol A., Dufour D., Hershey C., Rabbi I.Y., Egesi C., Tufan H., Kulakow P.. 2021. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 56 (3) : p. 1258-1277.

DOI: 10.1111/ijfs.14862

Within communities in Osun and Imo States of Nigeria, farmer-processors grew and processed a diverse set of improved and landrace cassava varieties into the locally popular foods, gari, eba and fufu. Local and 15 main varieties were grown in a 'mother and baby trials' design in each state. Mother trials with three replications were processed by farmer-processors renown in their community for their processing skills. Baby trials were managed and processed by other farmer-processors. The objective was to identify food quality criteria to inform demand-led breeding to benefit users, especially women, given their key roles in processing. Farmer-processors evaluated the overall quality of fresh roots and derived food products through pairwise comparisons. Improved varieties had higher fresh and dry root yield. Overall, landraces ranked first for quality of gari and eba, but several improved varieties were also appreciated for good quality. Landraces in Osun had higher gari yield and a higher swelling power compared to improved varieties. Colour (browning), bulk density, swelling power, solubility and water absorption capacity were the criteria most related to food product ranking by farmer-processors. Evaluation of varieties under farmer-processors' conditions is crucial for providing guidance to breeders on critical selection criteria.

Mots-clés : manioc; manihot esculenta; garri; choix des variétés; qualité des produits; amélioration des plantes; participation des agriculteurs; critère de sélection; nigéria; fufu; sélection variétale

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