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Simulating together multiscale and multisectoral adaptations to global change and their impacts: A generic serious game and its implementation in coastal areas in France and South Africa

Bonte B., Therville C., Bousquet F., Simi C., Abrami G., Guerbois C., Fritz H., Barreteau O., Dhenain S., Mathevet R.. 2021. In : Garbolino Emmanuel (ed.), Voiron-Canicio Christine (ed.). Ecosystem and territorial resilience. A geoprospective approach. Amsterdam : Elsevier, p. 247-278.

DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-818215-4.00009-2

In this chapter, we propose a new kind of participatory device designed as a serious game suitable for geoprospective workshops and dedicated to help the setting of multiscale and multisectoral long-term adaptation plans to global change. We explain how and why we combined the concepts of the Coupled Infrastructure System with the paradigm of Multi-Agents System to build a generic conceptual model. We present the two games designed with this framework at this date and describe them precisely from their conceptual models up to examples of results obtained during the participatory sessions organized on the field with real stakeholders. The first example is about the George municipality in South Africa and sessions were organized in coordination with South African National park institution (SAN parks). The second example is about the territory of the Scheme Of Territorial Consistency (SCOT) ¿South of Gard¿ department in France and sessions were organized with the SCOT ¿South of Gard¿ and other institutions.

Mots-clés : zone côtière; conservation du paysage; conservation de la nature; préservation de l'écosystème; changement climatique; système de positionnement global; système basé sur la connaissance; acteurs du foncier; partie intéressée; france; languedoc-roussillon; afrique du sud; jeu de role; jeux sérieux

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