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Geostatistical computing of acoustic maps in the presence of barriers

Munoz F.. 2009. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 50 (5-6) : p. 929-938.

DOI: 10.1016/j.mcm.2009.05.021

Acoustic maps are the main diagnostic tools used by authorities for addressing the growing problem of urban acoustic contamination. Geostatistics models phenomena with spatial variation, but restricted to homogeneous prediction regions. The presence of barriers such as buildings introduces discontinuities in prediction areas. In this paper we investigate how to incorporate information of a geographical nature into the process of geostatistical prediction. In addition, we study the use of a Cost-Based distance to quantify the correlation between locations.

Mots-clés : acoustique; zone urbaine; propriété acoustique; son (acoustique); technique de prévision; système d'information géographique; géostatistiques

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