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Conceptual modeling and multidisciplinary dialogue

Müller J.P.. 2019. In : Waldeck Roger (ed.). Methods and Interdisciplinarity. Chichester : Wiley; ISTE, p. 45-67. (Science, Society and New Technologies Series - Modeling Methodologies in Social Science SET, 1).

DOI: 10.1002/9781119681519.ch3

This chapter proposes using the conceptual models presented in the form of Unified Modeling Language diagrams as tools to elicit and therefore displays the concepts convened by different points of view around the same issue: the domestication of Madagascar wild pepper. It presents five points of view and shows how they help to clarify complementarities. The problem of validation remains an open problem, both in terms of the communicability of the conceptual models obtained and the meaning of validation at the conceptual level. With regard to socio-ecological systems, there is still a need to find this standardized representation, whether to build a shared understanding or to target a form of socio-ecological engineering. Cartography plays a major role in this and is clearly the territorial avatar of the computer-aided design. The authors believe that conceptual models, including of the territories, could play this role as a support for multidisciplinary and multistakeholder communication and aggregation.

Mots-clés : modélisation; conception; approches participatives; traitement de l'information; indexation d'information; Étude de cas; recherche interdisciplinaire; piper; madagascar; voa tsiperifery; piper borbonense

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