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Diverse genomoviruses representing twenty-nine species identified associated with plants

Fontenele R.S., Roumagnac P., Richet C., Kraberger S., Stainton D., Aleamotu`a M., Filloux D., Bernardo P., Harkins G.W., McCarthy J., Charles L.S., Lamas N.S., Abreu E.F.M., Abreu R.A., Batista G.B., Lacerda A.L.M., Salywon A.M., Wojciechowski M., Majure L.C., Martin D.P., Ribeiro S.G., Lefeuvre P., Varsani A.. 2020. Archives of Virology, 165 (12) : p. 2891-2901.

Genomoviruses (family Genomoviridae) are circular single-stranded DNA viruses that have been mainly identified through metagenomics studies in a wide variety of samples from various environments. Here, we describe 98 genomes of genomoviruses found associated with members of 19 plant families from Australia, Brazil, France, South Africa and the USA. These 98 genomoviruses represent 29 species, 26 of which are new, in the genera Gemykolovirus (n = 37), Gemyduguivirus (n = 9), Gemygorvirus (n = 8), Gemykroznavirus (n = 6), Gemycircularvirus (n = 21) and Gemykibivirus (n = 17).

Thématique : Maladies des plantes

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