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Popularization of traditional processing of cowpea into Couscous (Beroua) in the West (Dogondoutchi) and Mid-South (Maradi and Zinder) of Niger

Amadou I., Samma O.S., Gounga M.E., Hassane M.A., Saidou A.A.. 2020. Asian Food Science Journal, 19 (1) : p. 10-16.

In Niger, there is a rich diversity of food processing sits from cowpea (Vigna unguiculata). Like most processed products, beroua or cowpea couscous is produced using artisanal processes. It is originated from the people of Arawa (Dogondoutchi). This transformation spread to the Maradi and Zinder regions, where studies have shown variability in the processing of cowpea grains into beroua. This study aimed to describe local knowledge around the different processes of processing cowpea into beroua through important areas of cowpea agricultural production in Niger, notably Dosso, Maradi and Zinder. The results show that beroua has been known for several years by local populations, its production and consumption are based on traditional knowledge and know-how. Cultural and technical exchanges between peoples transformed the beroua popular quickly. The beroua, through marketing and various exhibitions, has contributed to the popularization of Niger's traditional dishes both at national and international level.

Thématique : Traitement et conservation des produits alimentaires; Nutrition humaine - Considérations générales

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