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Animal health surveillance constraints in North and South: same-same but different

Peyre M.I., Pham H.T.T., Calba C., Schulz K., Delabouglise A., Goutard F., Roger F., Antoine-Moussiaux N.. 2017. In : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance: Beyond animal health surveillance. Wellington : ICAHS, p. 105-107. International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance. 3, 2017-04-31/2017-05-04, Rotorua (Nouvelle-Zélande).

Efficient animal disease surveillance systems are essential to prevent disease epidemics and the emergence of zoonotic threats. Most animal health programs rely on data generated by national surveillance systems, the efficacy of which can vary from one country and one disease to the other. To ensure quality of the data generated such systems need to be regularly evaluated. Many socio-cultural, economical and political drivers can affect their performance and their costs. Studies have been implemented within the past few years to better understand local constraints impairing animal health surveillance performances. This paper presents a comparative analysis of the constraints observed by these studies, both in developed and developing countries and its implication for animal health surveillance improvement.

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