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Bartonella gabonensis sp. nov., a new Bartonella species from savannah rodent Lophuromys sp. in Franceville, Gabon

Mangombi J.B., N'Dilimabaka N., Medkour H., Banga O.L., Tall M.L., Ben Khedher M., Terras J., Abdi S., Bourgarel M., Leroy E., Fenollar F., Mediannikov O.. 2020. New Microbes and New Infections, 38 : 9 p..

DOI: 10.1016/j.nmni.2020.100796

We describe a new strain named Bartonella gabonensis sp. nov. strain 669T (CSURB1083). The entire genome of this strain is described here. It was isolated from a savannah rodent, a brush-furred rat (Lophuromys sp.), trapped the city of Franceville in Gabon, in Central Africa. B. gabonensis is an aerobic, rod-shaped and Gram-negative bacterium. On the basis of the organism's features, and following a taxonogenomic approach, we propose the creation of the species Bartonella gabonensis sp. nov.

Mots-clés : bartonella; bactérie gram négatif; rongeur; taxonomie; génomique; génome; zoonose; gabon; bartonella gabonensis; lophuromys

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