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Identifying potential hosts of short-branch microsporidia

Doliwa A., Dunthorn M., Rassoshanska E., Mahé F., Bass D., Duarte Ritter C.. 2021. Microbial Ecology, 82 : p. 549-553.

DOI: 10.1007/s00248-020-01657-9

Microsporidia are obligate parasites that are closely related to Fungi. While the widely known ¿long-branch¿ Microsporidia infect mostly metazoans, the hosts of ¿short-branch¿ Microsporidia are only partially characterized or not known at all. Here, we used network analyses from Neotropical rainforest soil metabarcoding data, to infer co-occurrences between environmental lineages of short-branch microsporidians and their potential hosts. We found significant co-occurrences with several taxa, especially with Apicomplexa, Cercozoa, and Fungi, as well as some Metazoa. Our results are the first step to identify potential hosts of the environmental lineages of short-branch microsporidians, which can be targeted in future molecular and microscopic studies.

Mots-clés : champignon; relation hôte pathogène; relation hôte parasite; sol de forêt; forêt tropicale humide; région néotropicale; biodiversité forestière; Écologie microbienne; sporozoa; forêt néotropicale humide; microsporidia; cercozoa; metazoa

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