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New insights into the distribution and variation of Passiflora cerasina Annonay & Feuillet

Rome M., Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge G.. 2020. Adansonia, 42 (17) : p. 273-278.

DOI: 10.5252/adansonia2020v42a17

Until recently, Passiflora cerasina was known only from two herbarium specimens. Three botanical expeditions in French Guiana, in 2008, 2009, and 2017, have greatly improved our knowledge on its geographical distribution and morphological variation. A key to the Guianese species of series Laurifoliae is given. As the holotype mentioned in the original description is missing, we propose a neotype collected from the locus classicus.

Mots-clés : passifloraceae; passiflora; neotypes [en]; distribution géographique; biodiversité; guyane française; suriname; france; passiflora cerasina; laurifoliae

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