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SSDM : An R package to predict distribution of species richness and composition based on stacked species distribution models

Schmitt S., Pouteau R., Justeau-Allaire D., De Boissieu F., Birnbaum P.. 2017. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8 (12) : p. 1795-1803.

DOI: 10.15468/dl.2mvxxk

DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12841

There is growing interest among conservationists in biodiversity mapping based on stacked species distribution models (SSDMs), a method that combines multiple individual species distribution models to produce a community-level model. However, no user-friendly interface specifically designed to provide the basic tools needed to fit such models was available until now. The ¿ssdm¿ package is a computer platform implemented in r providing a range of methodological approaches and parameterisation at each step in building the SSDM: e.g. pseudo-absence selection, variable contribution and model accuracy assessment, inter-model consensus forecasting, species assembly design, and calculation of weighted endemism. The object-oriented design of the package is such that: users can modify existing methods, extend the framework by implementing new methods, and share them to be reproduced by others. The package includes a graphical user interface to extend the use of SSDMs to a wide range of conservation scientists and practitioners.

Mots-clés : distribution des populations; modélisation; biodiversité; bioinformatique; logiciel; Écologie animale; phytoécologie; Écologie des populations

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