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Cocoa agroforestry is less resilient to suboptimal and extreme climate than cocoa in full sun: Reply to Norgrove (2017)

Abdulai I., Vaast P., Hoffmann M.P., Asare R., Jassogne L., Van Asten P.J.A., Rötter R.P., Graefe S.. 2018. Global Change Biology, 24 (5) : p. e733-e740.

DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14044

Resilience of cocoa agroforestry vs. full sun under extreme climatic conditions. In the specific case of our study, the two shade tree species associated with cocoa resulted in strong competition for water and became a disadvantage to the cocoa plants contrary to expected positive effects.

Mots-clés : agroforesterie; systèmes agroforestiers; facteur climatique; chaleur; résistance à la température; tolérance à la chaleur; arbre d'ombrage; compétition interspécifique; theobroma cacao; ghana

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