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Natural durability and dimensional stability of white mulberry (Morus alba L.) for Middle Eastern lutes

Se Golpayegani A., Thévenon M.F., Brémaud I., Pourtahmasi K., Gril J.. 2017. Madera y Bosques, 23 (2) : p. 193-204.

DOI: 10.21829/myb.2017.2321447

Instrument makers prefer wood species which not only have excellent acoustical properties, but also tend to keep their natural state when going through preparations and pretreatments. In this study long time water soaking, a common protocol among Iranian lute makers, was used to investigate the natural durability and dimensional stability of White mulberry (Morus alba L.). The wood of white mulberry, which is the only source for making Iranian lutes for more than a century, was examined for its natural resistance towards fungi and termites. Samples were also studied for their dimensional change during four months of water soaking. White mulberry, whether leached or unleached, showed to be a very resistant species towards both termites and fungi. Gradual removal of the extractives during water immersion resulted in an increase in partial shrinkage. It was concluded that water leaching, though not affecting the natural durability, tends to reduce the dimensional stability of white mulberry.

Mots-clés : technologie du bois; propriété du bois; morus alba; reticulitermes flavipes; trempage; propriété acoustique; instrument de musique

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