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Growing South-South agribusiness connections: Brazil's policy coalitions reach Southern Africa

Milhorance C.. 2016. Third World Thematics, 1 (5) : p. 691-708.

This paper focuses on the emergence of policy networks connecting diplomatic, technocratic, research and private actors from Brazil and southern Africa, which are contributing to the socialisation of Brazil's policy instruments and technical standards in the agribusiness sector. Technocratic dialogue within multilateral arenas, along with technical and economic cooperation, has stressed the significance of the Brazilian experience in the sector, encouraging the adoption of common standards, techniques and institutional frameworks on the basis of the country's experience. It argues that the consolidation of these networks helps reinforce Brazil's agribusiness internationally.

Mots-clés : coopération sud-sud; relations internationales; secteur agroindustriel; brésil; afrique du sud

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