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Digital agriculture and Data science

Roche M.. 2021. In : Digital Science and Technologie Network (DSTN) - Thematic Workshop: e-Agriculture. s.l. : CEAMITIC, p. 2. Digital Science and Technologie Network (DSTN) - Thematic Workshop: e-Agriculture, 2021-03-17/2021-03-17, (Sénégal).

Digital agriculture is a multidisciplinary domain that shares and manages knowledge in agricultural and digital sciences but also in social, management and economic sciences. This multidisciplinary domain highlights new challenges for designing original tools and services for end-users in the agriculture area. An overview of digital agriculture will be presented. Then two data science issues in agriculture will be presented: (i) Development of food security systems by linking heterogeneous data in West Africa, (2) Implementation of an animal disease surveillance platform in a 'One Health' context.

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