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Classification and animal disease surveillance systems

Roche M.. 2021. In : Extraction of medical terms from non-structured (textual) data from online news and social media. s.l. : SVEPM, 1 p.. SVEPM 2021 - Workshop 5, 2021-03-24/2021-03-24, s.l..

DOI: 10.18167/DVN1/POIZMA

In the context of this workshop, 3 talks will be done. First, we will present an overview of NLP (Natural Language Processing) approaches in order to mine textual data [PART 1]. The second part will present two NLP tasks dedicated to Health domain: (i) acquisition of tweets, (ii) terminology extraction in (social) media [PART 2]. The last part of this workshop is dedicated to textual classification issues based on machine learning techniques with Weka [PART 3]. A part of this presentation will use a public dataset:

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