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Impact of preharvest and postharvest on color changes during convective drying of mangoes

Diop A., Méot J.M., Lechaudel M., Chiroleu F., Diop Ndiaye N., Mertz C., Cisse M., Chillet M.. 2021. Foods, 10 (3) : 14 p..

DOI: 10.3390/foods10030490

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of the harvest stage, ripening conditions and maturity on color changes of cv. 'Cogshall' and cv. 'Kent' variety mangoes during drying. A total of four harvests were undertaken, and the fruits were ripened at 20 and 35 °C for five different ripening times at each temperature. At each ripening time, mangoes were dried at 60 °C/30% RH/1.5 m/s for 5 h. A wide physico-chemical and color variability of fresh and dry pulp was created. The relationships according to the L*, H* and C* coordinates were established using mixed covariance regression models in relation to the above pre- and postharvest (preprocess) parameters. According to the L* coordinate results, browning during drying was not affected by the preprocess parameters. However, dried slices from mangoes ripened at 35 °C exhibited better retention of the initial chroma, and had a greater decrease in hue than dried slices from mangoes ripened at 20 °C. However, fresh mango color, successfully managed by the pre- and postharvest conditions, had more impact on dried mango color than the studied parameters. The preprocess parameters were effective levers for improving fresh mango color, and consequently dried mango color.

Mots-clés : physiologie après récolte; mangifera indica; mûrissage; maturité; maturation après récolte; couleur; qualité des aliments; séchage; technologie après récolte; technologie alimentaire; traitement avant récolte; réunion; sénégal; france

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