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Disentangling the sources of chlorophyll-content variability in banana fields

Lamour J., Leroux C., Le Moguédec G., Naud O., Lechaudel M., Tisseyre B.. 2019. In : Stafford John V. (ed.). Precision agriculture 19. Wageningen : Wageningen Academic Publishers, p. 299-305.

DOI: 10.3920/978-90-8686-888-9_37

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of banana phenological stages on the chlorophyll content of its leaves in order to assess possible restrictions on the potential use of remote sensing for nutritional diagnoses when phenological stages cannot be discriminated on images. Chlorophyll measurements were made with a Dualex sensor at different positions on banana leaves with different ranks on the plant, on plants at different phenological stages and located in different fields of a commercial farm. The effect of these factors was studied using mixed models with nested factors and the results showed that they have a significant effect on the chlorophyll content. It is therefore suggested to take into account the diversity of phenological stages in banana fields before considering nutritional diagnoses services based on remote sensing.

Mots-clés : chlorophylle; photosynthèse; musa (bananes); plantations; phénologie; télédétection; modélisation des cultures; analyse spatiale

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