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Characterizing alignments in socio-technical transitions. Lessons from agricultural bio-inputs in Brazil

Goulet F.. 2021. Technology in Society, 65 : 10 p..

DOI: 10.1016/j.techsoc.2021.101580

We analyze the alignment mechanisms involved in socio-technical transitions. The multi-level perspective has made the notion of alignment one of the pillars of its analytical framework, but its definition remains rather vague. Using a case study of the development of biological alternatives to agricultural pesticides in Brazil, we show that alignments are based on pairings between entities of the same nature, positioned in the niche and in the regime. The strength of these pairings relies on the coherence of the new sets formed. Several types of entities need to be matched to enable alignments. In this case study, we identify three types of paired entities: technologies, users and their interests, public and private organizations. Understanding these alignment mechanisms is an invitation to deepen the analysis of the relationships between incumbent and alternative technologies in sociotechnical transitions.

Mots-clés : agriculture alternative; changement technologique; changement social; biopesticide; méthode de lutte; contrôle de maladies; bioéconomie; groupe d'intérêt; brésil; intrant biologique

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