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Biological control for alleviation of viral zoonotic risks in a one health perspective

Ratnadass A., Deguine J.P.. 2021. Davos : CABI, 2 p.. International Congress of Biological Control. 2, 2021-04-26/2021-04-30, Davos (Suisse).

A review of the scientific literature highlighted an overall negative impact in terms of viral zoonotic risk (VZR) aggravation, of conventional crop protection practices, based on agrochemical insecticides targeting arthropod pests, and on anti-coagulant baits targeting rodent pests. Conversely, many examples show that conservation biological control (CBC) of invertebrate pests by invertebrate natural enemies, and of vertebrate pests by vertebrate predators, and crop-livestock integration, have an overall positive impact in terms of VZR alleviation. We describe in details the processes involved, at various spatial-temporal scales, in three case studies, namely i) the encouragement of weaver ants into mango orchards for fruit fly control; ii) the encouragement of barn owls and small carnivores into oil palm plantations for rodent pest control; iii) the introduction of domestic ducks into rice paddies for weed, plant pathogen and invertebrate pest control. This shows how CBC integrates crop plant health within the ¿One Health¿ framework.

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