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Comparison of the virome of quarantined sugarcane varieties and the virome of grasses growing near the quarantine station

Daugrois J.H., Filloux D., Julian C., Claude L., Ferdinand R., Fernandez E., Fontes H., Rott P., Roumagnac P.. 2021. Viruses, 13 (5) : 17 p..

DOI: 10.3390/v13050922

Visacane is a sugarcane quarantine station located in the South of France, far away from sugarcane growing areas. Visacane imports up to 100 sugarcane varieties per year, using safe control and confinement measures of plants and their wastes to prevent any risk of pathogen spread outside of the facilities. Viruses hosted by the imported material are either known or unknown to cause disease in cultivated sugarcane. Poaceae viruses occurring in plants surrounding the quarantine glasshouse are currently unknown. These viruses could be considered as a source of new sugarcane infections and potentially cause new sugarcane diseases in cases of confinement barrier failure. The aim of this study was to compare the plant virome inside and outside of the quarantine station to identify potential confinement failures and risks of cross infections. Leaves from quarantined sugarcane varieties and from wild Poaceae growing near the quarantine were collected and processed by a metagenomics approach based on virion-associated nucleic acids extraction and library preparation for Illumina sequencing. While viruses belonging to the same virus genus or family were identified in the sugarcane quarantine and its surroundings, no virus species was detected in both environments. Based on the data obtained in this study, no virus movement between quarantined sugarcane and nearby grassland has occurred so far, and the confinement procedures of Visacane appear to be properly implemented.

Mots-clés : maladie des plantes; virus des végétaux; quarantaine; saccharum; poaceae; transmission des maladies; mesure phytosanitaire; france; virome

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