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Difusão de políticas brasileiras para a agricultura familiar na América Latina e no Caribe

Sabourin E., Grisa C., Valencia M.F., Avila M., De Lima Caldas E., Balestro M., Lopes M.A., Sayago D., Giraldo P.. 2020. In : Porto de Oliveira Osmany (ed.), Kerches da Silva Leite Cristiane (ed.), Montero Sergio (ed.), Osorio Gonnet Cecilia (ed.). Difusão de políticas na América Latina da importação à exportação : anais do seminário internacional sobre difusão de políticas. Sao Paulo : HUCITEC, p. 112-160. (Estudos Brasileiros, 17).

The chapter presents results of Transbrasil project ¿Dissemination of Brazilian public policies for family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean.¿ The main hypothesis of the research is that the South-South cooperation reveals a 'hybridisation' of several forms of policy internationalization: the policy-transfers; the transnational circulation of norms and standards through international organizations; the regionalization and regional integration, especially through civil society and social movements. The research focused in two processes: the characterization of the policy models in Brazil and the transferred policies in the recipient countries; the identification and profile characterization of the main vectors and brokers of the policy diffusion. The diffusion of the public food purchase model refers to the cases of Colombia, Haiti and Paraguay and the diffusion of territorial policies refers to Argentina, El Salvador, and Uruguay. The results of the study confirm the imbrication and hybridisation of these three modalities of dissemination of Brazilian public policies for family farming. Official diplomacy and intergovernmental integration mechanisms are complemented by the dissemination of 'bottom-up' policy models through social participation, as in the case of REAF, Via Campesina or agroecology, and SAN instruments.

Mots-clés : politique de développement; agriculture familiale; politique agricole; développement rural; développement régional; coopération sud-sud; brésil; amérique latine; caraïbes; colombie; haïti; paraguay; argentine; el salvador; uruguay; politique publique; développement territorial

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