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Membrane technologies for fruit juice processing

Dornier M., Belleville M.P., Vaillant F.. 2018. In : Rosenthal Amauri (ed.), Deliza Rosires (ed.), Welti-Chanes Jorge (ed.), Barbosa-Canovas Gustavo V. (ed.). Fruit preservation: novel and conventional technologies. Cham : Springer, p. 211-248. (Food Engineering Series).

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-3311-2_8

This chapter presents the diversity of the main membrane processes and gives a comprehensive overview of the recent advances and potentialities of membrane technologies to fruit juice processing. The basics of membrane processes are first reminded. From the general composition of fruit juices and basing on numerous examples, the chapter deals with the different separation possibilities considering the applications already implemented in the industry and the applications that are still developing. It includes water removal for cold concentration of fruit juices, solid/liquid separation for clarifying and microbiological stabilization, modulation of composition profile, recovery of functional compounds from juices or by-products, and finally, endogenous enzyme inhibition. Membrane processes present high potential because of their separation efficiency and the mild conditions needed that preserve the quality of raw fruits. They also allow the development of new products with low energy consumption and limited environmental impact. The field of applications of membrane technologies is already very large in fruit juice processing and should expand probably in the short term. Nevertheless, membrane technologies and integration strategy of membrane processes in the global processing scheme often yet have to be improved in order to better match with the economic aspects.

Mots-clés : technologie alimentaire; traitement des aliments; membrane; jus de fruits

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