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A dataset of meta-analyses on crop diversification at the global scale

Beillouin D., Ben-Ari T., Makowski D.. 2019. Data in Brief, 24 : 11 p..

DOI: 10.1016/j.dib.2019.103898

Numerous meta-analyses have been conducted in the last three decades to assess the productive and environmental benefits resulting from a diversification of cropping systems. These meta-analyses assessed one or several diversification strategies (e.g.,rotations, cover crops, agroforestry) according to various outcomes(e.g., productivity, profitability, biodiversity). To date, no dataset has provided a comprehensive synthesis of existing experimental data on crop diversification. We present here a dataset containing 2382 effect sizes published in 99 meta-analyses covering 3736 experimental studies worldwide ( We also provide an extensive appraisal of the quality of each meta-analysis and a quantification of the redundancy of primary studies between meta-analyses. Our database hence provides (i) a quantification of the impacts of a variety of diversification strategies on crop production, the environment and economic profitability at the global scale and, (ii) a quality and redundancy assessment that may be used as a reference for future studies.

Mots-clés : système d'exploitation agricole; système de culture; mode de culture; agroforesterie; culture en mélange; culture sous couvert végétal; rotation culturale; analyse de données; analyse comparative; analyse de système; données

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