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Satellite cities turned to ghost towns? On the contradictions of Morocco's spatial policy

Rousseau M., Harroud T.. 2019. International Planning Studies, 24 (3-4) : p. 341-352.

DOI: 10.1080/13563475.2019.1665500

A megaproject of new cities was launched in Morocco in 2004. According to public discourses, it was aimed at easing congestion in big cities and address the considerable deficit in social housing. A decade later, the recorded achievements appear much lower compared to the declared ambitions, to the point of provoking strong political and social oppositions. An analysis of the megaprojects' implementation sheds light on the contradictions in the megaproject's objectives, seen through the example of the new city of Tamesna.

Mots-clés : ville; zone urbaine; population urbaine; aménagement urbain; développement urbain; urbanisation; planification régionale; maroc

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