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Towards a powerful knowledge-based system to think outside the box and select multi-purpose plants

Silvie P., Martin P.. 2021. In : Rahmann Gerold (ed.), Rey Frédéric Rey (ed.) et al.. From its roots, organic inspires science, and vice versa. Book of abstracts of the Science Forum at the organic world Congress 2021, September 8-10 2021 Rennes, France. Braunschweig : Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut, p. 224-224. (Thünen Report, 88). 6th ISOFAR conference at the 20th Organic World Congress 2021, 2021-09-08/2021-09-10, Rennes (France).

DOI: 10.3220/REP1629982382000

Knowledge on plant uses is often compartmentalized into fields. Our hypothesis is that if a plant species allows several uses of interest, in different fields, then its cultivation and formulation may be of interest to new value chains. Establishing a knowledge database on multi-purpose plants is one way of facilitating interactions between disciplines, in addition to proposing new solutions to be explored in organic or ecological farming. This paper describes how to construct such a Knowledge Database. A comparison between the uses present in the different tabs makes it possible to identify 16 plant species reported for at least four different uses.

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