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Clonal teak

Monteuuis O.. 2021. In : Yasodha Ramasamy (ed.), Galeano Esteban (ed.), Win Thwe Thwe (ed.). The teak genome. Cham : Springer, p. 155-169. (Compendium of Plant Genomes).

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-79311-1_10

For teak as for most tree species, propagation by seeds remains the easier, the more natural and efficient way to regenerate new plants that are all genetically different from one another. This is essential for ensuring a suitable genetic diversity as well as for genetic improvement through wise breeding practices. However, mass-producing teak planting stock by seeds remains hindered by serious handicaps liable to affect plantation performances. The vegetative propagation methods developed in the early 1990s for efficiently cloning ¿true-to-type¿ any teak tree regardless of its age can be a beneficial alternative to the limitations of the seedling option. The teak clones produced are expected to generate high volumes of the best quality timber in the shortest time frames. The success of teak clonal plantations depends on a reliable selection of mature trees for cloning, and on wise deployment of the clones produced on suitable planting sites. This chapter addresses all these aspects in detail.

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