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Teakwood chemistry and natural durability

Niamké F.B., Amusant N., Augustin A.A., Chaix G.. 2021. In : Yasodha Ramasamy (ed.), Galeano Esteban (ed.), Win Thwe Thwe (ed.). The teak genome. Cham : Springer, p. 83-102. (Compendium of Plant Genomes).

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-79311-1_7

The intraspecific variability of teakwood generates different responses with industrialists in the timber and wood business. Several quality parameters are commonly employed when evaluating teakwood, although these factors are very intriguing, they do not account for all aspects of wood quality. In the present chapter, we review the normalized methods of evaluating technological properties of teakwood and also include chemical composition as an important criterion. The latter has been found to play a key role as it impacts the most important technological properties such as color and natural durability at different stages of teakwood production from plantation to usage. Therefore, it is important to include chemical composition of teak as a factor in determining its quality, and non-destructive tools like NIR (Near-infrared) spectroscopy for wood phenotyping.

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