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Fruit and vegetables. Opportunities and challenges for small-scale sustainable farming

Beed F., Taguchi M., Telemans B., Kahane R., Le Bellec F., Sourisseau J.M., Malézieux E., Lesueur-Jannoyer M., Deberdt P., Deguine J.P., Faye E., Ramsay G.. 2021. Rome : FAO; CIRAD, 196 p..

DOI: 10.4060/cb4173en

This book will convince the reader to care about fruit and vegetables and to see that the small-scale production of these crops is fundamental to achieving sustainable development goals. In five chapters, the reader will learn about the challenges and rewards for producers, sellers, and consumers. Chapter 1: a working definition for fruit and vegetables, making the case for supporting small-scale farmers and value chains. Chapter 2: options for farm management to ensure that production is sustainable including genetic resources, seed systems, management of water, soil, nutrients, and control of pests and diseases. Chapter 3: options to integrate small-scale commercial fruit and vegetable farmers into socially inclusive value chains, including innovative post-harvest handling services, market linkages, and reducing food loss and waste. Chapter 4: options for practitioners and policymakers at different governmental, institutional and social levels to promote the sustainable production and consumption of safe, nutritious, and affordable fruit and vegetables. Chapter 5: key interventions and innovations to facilitate the sustainable production of fruit and vegetables in low- and middle-income countries across the world. This publication takes readers on a journey introducing them to a diverse array of fruit and vegetables through colorfully illustrated studies from around the world. It justifies the importance of these crops and it encourages readers to take an active role both in promoting fruit and vegetable production and in encouraging more people to eat them.

Mots-clés : petite exploitation agricole; durabilité; agriculture durable; culture maraîchère; chaînes de valeur; légume; fruit; culture fruitière

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