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Brazilian foods and territories digital platform: Conceptual bases for development

Bolfe E.L., Veloso Silva J.F., Sautier D., de Castro Victoria D., do Nascimento Macario C.. 2021. Brazilian Journal of Development, 7 (8) : p. 81305-81328.

DOI: 10.34117/bjdv7n8-376

There is limited and segmented access to information regarding the diversity of responsible and sustainable agrifood products in Brazil. There is a growing need to bridge the communication gap between farmers and consumers who wish to consume such differentiated products. This article aims to present the conceptual bases for the development of a Brazilian Digital Platform for Food and Territories involved bibliographic research methodology, analysis of international platforms and technical-scientific discussions between Brazilian and French research groups. The main result obtained was the modeling of the digital platform based on a multiscale view associated with the confluence of six conceptual aspects: Territories, Localized Food Systems, Brazilian Regional Foods, Adding Value, Consumer Empowerment, Technological and Knowledge Convergence. The results contribute to the physical development of the Platform, with literature and insights on digital innovations in agrifood for researchers, developers, public and private managers, creating new development opportunities for Brazilian rural territories.

Mots-clés : systèmes alimentaires; plateforme d¿innovation; secteur agro-alimentaire; accès a l'information; territoire; provenance; chaîne d'approvisionnement alimentaire; brésil

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