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Pastoralist youth in towns and cities - Summary report. Supporting the economic and social integration of pastoralist youth Chad and Burkina Faso

Ancey V., Rangé C., Magnani S.D., Patat C.. 2020. Rome : FAO, 40 p..

In an international context characterized by migration and security agendas, normative discourses about young people and pastoralism in the Sahel tend to link violent conflicts to resource degradation and climate change. Empirically grounded, to understand the processes of change and the drivers of sustainability, this case study in Chad and Burkina Faso describes the migration networks and trajectories of young people from pastoral communities and their institutional context of socialization. The access to adulthood is shown as being redefined, in relation to the dynamics of pastoral production systems. The main objectives of the study are: 1) Analyzing the current venues of the emancipation of youth in pastoral background 2) Providing the decision makers with a narrative on pastoralism at the family and territorial scale 3) Feeding the debate to inform policy supporting pastoralism and young pastors in the Sahel. This report sums up three survey reports in Chad and Burkina Faso.

Mots-clés : éleveur pastoral; pastoralisme; formation agricole; jeune travailleur; migration; changement social; environnement socioéconomique; tchad; burkina faso

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