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Does modernization of the rice value chains in Senegal illustrate a move toward the Asian quiet revolution?

Soullier G., Moustier P.. 2015. In : 9 ème journées de recherches en sciences sociales. Nancy : SFER, p. 1-33. Journées de recherches en sciences sociales. 9, 2015-12-10/2015-12-11, Nancy (France).

Research conducted in Asia by Reardon et al. (2012) reveals the modernization of value chains, brought about by the midstream segment which implements technical changes and integrates new functions. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamics of the rice value chain in Senegal, in order to assess if it follows the same trends as in Asia. We use the ¿Global Value Chain¿ theoretical framework (Gereffi, Humphrey et Sturgeon, 2005), which highlights the influence that one actor can have on the distribution of tasks and skills among the various partners. The dynamics of governance was analyzed from a historical point of view, based on previous research and 121 in-depth qualitative interviews. Our work also calls upon 975 quantitative interviews with farmers, rice millers and traders. We find that historically, public policies and links to global markets are the main drivers of changes in governance. Since 2007, the rice value chain is in step with the modernization taking place in Asia, with increased investments being made in processing and vertical integration. Nevertheless, the modernization is vulnerable to competition from global markets, and therefore dependent from State intervention. These results raise the question of performance: we present our ongoing quantitative research on the impacts of governance on the income and food security of producers, the distribution of added value along the chain and the impact of agribusinesses on small scale producers.

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