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PADI-web 3.0: A new framework for extracting and disseminating fine-grained information from the news for animal disease surveillance

Valentin S., Arsevska E., Rabatel J., Falala S., Mercier A., Lancelot R., Roche M.. 2021. One Health, 13 : 10 p..

DOI: 10.18167/DVN1/YGAKNB

DOI: 10.1016/j.onehlt.2021.100357

PADI-web (Platform for Automated extraction of animal Disease Information from the web) is a biosurveillance system dedicated to monitoring online news sources for the detection of emerging animal infectious diseases. PADI-web has collected more than 380,000 news articles since 2016. Compared to other existing biosurveillance tools, PADI-web focuses specifically on animal health and has a fully automated pipeline based on machine-learning methods. This paper presents the new functionalities of PADI-web based on the integration of: (i) a new fine-grained classification system, (ii) automatic methods to extract terms and named entities with text-mining approaches, (iii) semantic resources for indexing keywords and (iv) a notification system for end-users. Compared to other biosurveillance tools, PADI-web, which is integrated in the French Platform for Animal Health Surveillance (ESA Platform), offers strong coverage of the animal sector, a multilingual approach, an automated information extraction module and a notification tool configurable according to end-user needs.

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