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Rapid determination of oil content in dried-ground oil palm mesocarp and kernel using near infrared spectroscopy

Sudarno, Silalahi D.D., Risman T., Widyastuti B.L., Davrieux F., Yuan Y.Y., Caliman J.P.. 2017. Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 25 (5) : p. 338-347.

DOI: 10.1177/0967033517732679

Near infrared spectroscopy calibrations for rapid oil content determination of dried-ground oil palm mesocarp and kernel were developed. Samples were analyzed, one set using the Soxhlet extraction method for reference analysis and the other set scanned by near infrared spectroscopy instrument for calibration. Successful calibrations were obtained with good accuracy and precision for mesocarp and kernel, based on statistical models. Math treatment and scatter correction had significant effects on the fitting of the calibration model. The best obtained calibration models were demonstrated by multiple correlation coefficient (R2), standard error of calibration, standard error of cross validation, coefficient of determination in cross validation (1-VR) and relative predictive deviation of calibration, which respectively were 0.997, 1.21%, 1.23%, 0.997 and 17.89 for mesocarp and 0.952, 0.47%, 0.53%, 0.94 and 4.00 for kernel. The correlations between reference and predicted values for samples in the validation sets were in agreement with high linearity, high ratio performance to deviation of prediction (=4.00) and low standard error of prediction samples for both samples. The results demonstrated that near infrared spectroscopy can be used as an alternative and reliable technique to estimate the mesocarp and kernel oil contents in dry matter basis accurately and rapidly.

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