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Plant viruses go global: The European Virus Archive

Richert-Poeggeler K.R., Accotto G.P., Candresse T., Chabannes M., Desbiez C., Gentit P., Glasa M., Iskra Caruana M.L., Jelkmann W., Marais A., Menzel W., Niehl A., Pierro R., Predajna L., Romette J.L., Rubino L., Verdin E., Urbino C., Ziebell H., Zikeli K.. 2021. Singapour : ISHS, 3 p.. International Symposium on Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants. 15, 2021-12-13/2021-12-17, Singapour (Singapour).

The European Virus Archive (EVA) was created in 2008 in response to the need for a coordinated and readily accessible collection of human and animal viruses that could be made available to academia, public health organisations and industry. The current virus pandemic has demonstrated once more the need for an international network that enables the sharing of resources for diagnosis and the development of antiviral strategies as well as a digital platform for easy access. The European virus Archive - Global (EVA-GLOBAL; is a non profit organisation involving a global network with expertise in virology, consisting of 38 partner laboratories both based in EU member states and abroad (Romette et al., Antiviral Res 2018;158:127¿134; Coutard et al., Biopreserv Biobank 2020;18:561-569). This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 871029. The aim of the project is to collect, amplify, characterize, standardize, authenticate, and distribute viral isolates and derived products (antisera, cloned cDNAs, nucleic acid extracts...). In EVA-Global the distributed collections assembled during previous EVA projects will be expanded to include plant viruses. Additionally to the growing number of animal and human viruses, plant viruses, derived products and associated services are constantly being added to the online catalog and can be ordered online. As in October 2021 already 68 plant virus isolates comprising RNA and DNA viruses as well as 15 antisera for virus detection and 6 services or training modules (e.g. HTS, diagnostic tools, virus indexing) are available at the online catalogue. EVA-GLOBAL is conceived to be an open access entity aiming at developing synergies and complementary capabilities so as to offer an improved access to researchers and industry. A single-entry point, the web-based catalogue (, provides easy access for the end user to the collections including viruses, derived materials, services and engineered cells. The consortium ensures that the available materials meet the highest scientific standards in terms of safety, quality and characterization. While the property of the provided materials remains with the originators, specific EU funding provides the option for the free-of-charge access to viral resources towards public research institutions. Besides various forms of virus material, antibodies, molecular detection assays, cutting edge methodology for virus cultivation, preservation and analyses are available. All partners agreed on implementing a quality management system. As part of this, 3 different quality standards (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are defined for available plant virus isolates, targeting e.g. the availability of sequence information and purity of isolates. The large number of distinct viruses and isolates enables the concept of preparedness that has been beneficial to researchers worldwide during the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Moreover, the project will represent an essential contribution to the preservation of virus biodiversity....

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