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Genome resource of two potato strains of Ralstonia solanacearum biovar 2 (Phylotype IIB Sequevar 1) and biovar 2T (Phylotype IIB Sequevar 25) isolated from lowlands in Iran

Sedighian N., Krijger M., Taparia T., Taghavi S.M., Wicker E., van der Wolf J.M., Osdaghi E.. 2020. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 33 (7) : p. 872-875.

DOI: 10.1094/MPMI-02-20-0026-A

Ralstonia solanacearum, the causal agent of bacterial wilt and brown rot disease, is one of the major pathogens of solanaceous crops, including potato, around the globe. Biovar 2T (phylotype II/sequevar 25) of R. solanacearum is adapted to tropical lowlands and is only reported in South America and Iran. Thus far, no genome resource of the biovar 2T of the pathogen has been available. Here, we present the near-complete genome sequences of the biovar 2T strain CFBP 8697 as well as strain CFBP 8695 belonging to biovar 2 race 3, both isolated from potato in Iran. The genomic data of biovar 2T will extend our understanding of the virulence features of R. solanacearum and pave the way for research on biovar 2T functional and interaction genetics.

Mots-clés : pathologie végétale; génomique; ralstonia solanacearum; flétrissement; iran république islamique; flétrissement bactérien; pourriture brune

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