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Genome wide association analysis of biomass yield and stem composition in a sorghum backcross nested association mapping design

Thera K., Teme N., Doumbia M., Tekete M., Vaksmann M., Kouressy M., Sissoko A., Sanogo S., Bouaré Y., Sogoba I., Maïga A., Guitton B., Rami J.F., Coulibaly S.B., Bonnal L., Bastianelli D., Pot D.. 2017. s.n. : s.n., 1 poster. Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: Europe, 2017-03-16/2017-03-17, Amsterdam (Pays-Bas).

Although the main targets of sorghum breeding programmes remain grain yield and quality in order to ensure human (in Africa) and animal (in other parts of the world) nutri$on needs, the yield and quality of the vegeta$ve biomass has been gaining more and more aHen$on as its interests in animal nutri$on, bioenergy and biomaterial increase. In this context, there is a cri$cal need to deepen our understanding of these traits in order to op$mize the efficiency of the development of new varie$es. A Backcross Nested associa$on mapping (BCNAM) design was developed to maximize the mapping resolu$on of the genomic regions of interest and provide the sorghum community with relevant gene$c materials for breeding in the context of the Sudano-sahelian region. The specific aim of this study was to iden$fy the genomic regions controlling stem yield and its biochemical composi$on.

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