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Host range and molecular variability of the sadwavirus dioscorea mosaic associated virus

Umber M., Filloux D., Bonheur L., Acina Manbole I.N., Gomez R.M., Faure C., Anzala F., Pavis C., Roumagnac P., Marais A., Theil S., Candresse T., Teycheney P.Y.. 2022. Archives of Virology, 167 : p. 917-922.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-022-05379-w

Dioscorea mosaic associated virus (DMaV) is a member of the genus Sadwavirus, family Secoviridae, that is associated with mosaic symptoms in Dioscorea rotundata in Brazil. The genome of a DMaV isolate detected in D. trifida in Guadeloupe was sequenced by high-throughput sequencing. Using an RT-PCR-based detection assay, we found that DMaV infects D. alata, D. bulbifera, D. cayenensis-rotundata, D. esculenta, and D. trifida accessions conserved in Guadeloupe and Côte d'Ivoire and displays a very high level of molecular diversity in a relatively small region of the genome targeted by the assay. We also provide evidence that DMaV is also present in D. rotundata in Benin and in D. alata in Nigeria.

Mots-clés : virus des végétaux; secoviridae; dioscorea rotundata; dioscorea trifida; dioscorea alata; dioscorea bulbifera; dioscorea cayenensis; dioscorea esculenta; brésil; guadeloupe; côte d'ivoire; nigéria; bénin; séquençage haut débit

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