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Coconut risk management and mitigation manual for the Pacific Region

Bourdeix R. (ed.), Sourisseau J.M. (ed.), Lin J. (ed.). 2021. Suva : Pacific Community (SPC), 188 p..

The Coconut Industry Development for the Pacific (CIDP) Project is a joint initiative of the Pacific Community (SPC), European Union (EU) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). CIDP aims to bolster the coconut sector in the region by improving the competitiveness of small producers, and strengthening production and regional integration of related markets. In the framework of this project, French Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD) led and assisted with the design of improved seed production systems and developed a risk analysis for the coconut value chain. In June 2018, CIRAD launched an online survey on incentives and risks by contacting more than one thousand coconut stakeholders worldwide. The initial results of this survey and meeting output were presented at the 2018 COCOTECH conference, where the risk analysis study was also launched. A meeting was conducted in December 2018 in Fiji, both to train participants in risk mitigation and to improve this manual. Each individual risk assessment is authored by two to five experts and/or participants in the training session. The 40 risks presented in this document cover a wide diversity of themes and recommendations. They are organized in eight sections which explore the following themes: climate change and hazards; pests and diseases; planting material; agricultural practices; organizational and policy issues; post-harvest and processing; economics and marketing, and socio-cultural habits. The introduction to each of these eight sections provides generic perspectives addressing coconut development for the Pacific region. Each risk is first briefly described; then its occurrence and severity are examined, and the issues associated with its mitigation and adaptation are discussed. Finally, actions to undertake are proposed, and a short bibliography gives key information sources. In total, contributors to this manual included 52 experts from 26 countries, of which 19 are located in Oceania, and seven are located in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Mots-clés : santé des plantes; pathologie végétale; analyse du risque; réduction des risques; gestion du risque; facteur de risque; cocos nucifera; commission du pacifique sud

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