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Analysis of livestock assets, diversity and resilience for family farm systems in three different agro ecological zones in Egypt

Abdelsabour T.H., Alary V., Aboulnaga A.M., Osman M.A., Messad S., Juanès X., Elsayed M., Mansour H.. 2022. In : Ligda C. (ed.), Hadjipavlou G. (ed.). Addressing the challenges of agro-pastoral farming systems to strengthen their resilience. Paris : CIHEAM, p. 127-132. (Options Méditerranéennes : Série A. Séminaires Méditerranéens, 1016-121X, 129). Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal sciences (EAAP 2020). 71, 2020-12-01/2020-12-04, s.l..

The present work analyzes the diversity of livestock assets and management, in relation to human and land assets and its contribution to the household resilience. The analysis conducted on 452family farms surveys in three agro ecological zones of Egypt: the rain fed agro-pastoral zone in the Coastal Zone of Western Desert (CZWD), the hot arid desert oasis in the New valley (NV), and the irrigated hot area of Nile Valley in Upper Egypt (UE). The traditional family farming in Egypt usually include multi-animal species-herd composed of large ruminants (cattle and/or buffalo) and small ruminants (sheep and/or goats), and eventually camels in desert areas, with backyard poultry. The diversity of household faming systems was analyzed according to four dimensions, i.e., human and land asset, livestock diversity and household resilience. The cross analysis based on Multiple Factorial Analysis (MFA) shows very close links between land and crop assets, livestock diversity assets and management under different agro-ecological conditions. There is no exclusive link with either groups, but resilience is positioned as a synthesis of different capacities of households to adapt hazards. The perception of adaptive capacity of local breeds highlights the major external constraints in each location. Overall, increase of monetary and food resilience are linked with livestock activity diversification, even with livestock management embedded in the agro-ecological environment and land asset constraints.

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