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Steps towards suitable stickiness test results for trading and processing

Gourlot J.P., Drieling A.. 2021. Brême : Bremen Cotton Exchange, 24 p.. International Cotton Conference Bremen 2021. 35, 2021-03-17/2021-03-18, Brême (Allemagne).

Stickiness has been defined as ¿the propensity of honeydew contaminated fibres to stick to spinning parts during their processing¿. Several measuring methods have been designed to measure that type of stickiness using various measuring principles, but still their results are not converging for each individual contaminated cotton. Based on accumulated results within the periodical ITMF-ICCTM round-test for stickiness methods, this paper focusses on the major constraints that have to be levelled-out with the next steps of the international harmonization work for this property. The final aim is to allow the use of stickiness results for trading when required.

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