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What did we learn from the eight first occurrences of the ITMF-ICCTM international round-trials comparing stickiness measuring methods (2017-2020)?

Gourlot J.P., Drieling A., Froese K., Lassus S.. 2021. In : ITMF-International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM) Progress Report 2021. Brême : ITMF, 1 p.. (ICCTM Reports). ITMF-ICCTM Working Groups, 2021-03-16/2021-03-16, Brême (Allemagne).

In total, 8 Round tests were organized since 2017 by CIRAD, Faserinstitut Bremen and the Bremen Cotton Exchange with the lead of Dr. Jean-Paul Gourlot who presented the findings. The methods used in this were mainly: Benedict, Caramelization, Clinitest, Contest-S, H2SD, KOTITI, Minicard, Qualitative and Quantitive methods, Reactive spray, and SCT. As each method shows its values on a different scale, it is difficult to compare mean and variability values in the tests for comparing instruments within methods, or between methods. In these conditions with raw data being on different levels, choosing the 'best' methods cannot rely on CVs of the measurements between methods as CV values depend on the mean observed values. Therefore, Dr. Gourlot proposed to re-scale the laboratories raw results using a common scale to compare results (mean and variability) of the involved methods. As an additional topic, even if it is difficult to produce reference materials, attempts are ongoing to check if stickiness level of these materials remain stable and useful over a period for stabilizing raw results over time. Finally, he also called for laboratories to participate in the round trials and if possible, to propose sticky materials to be then shared in the future round-trials (all past RT results are on Another presentation on the RT program was also given in the main conference focusing on the lessons that can be drawn up to this point in time.

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