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Rapport de mission aux Philippines du 18 au 22 octobre 1998. Consortium de Recherche Cotonnière du Sud Est

Dessauw D.. 1999. Bangkok : CIRAD-CA, 17 p..

The Philippines import more than 90 percent of the cotton fibre used in the country. The cost of imports has increased considerably following the 1997 slump in Asia. It would therefore seem justified for the government to start a plan to re-launch national production in order to ensure a better income for producers and to cover a larger proportion of domestic requirements. There are numerous CODA researchers and they have a high level of qualification (numerous Ph.D. and master's degrees) but lack contacts with researchers of regional or international institutions. This has an effect on the work carried out. Thus, the plant material used for varietal improvement is old and some research topics repeat work performed in other countries and that would be easy to transpose to the Philippines. In addition, new research or development pathways are not known for want of recent information. The development of collaboration would thus seem to be particularly opportune. Lines of collaboration between CODA and CIRAD and/or the DORAS Centre cover research activities and the exchange of material and information (cultivars, techniques, testing of Bt strains, cotton seed processing, etc.), the training of researchers (fibre technology, biotechnology, management of germplasm resources, modeling, rational pest control) and support missions. The Head of the Cotton Programme at CIRAD should send by mail proposals for collaboration that could begin very soon. The funding for this work remains to be found. A request for funding for training could be made by CODA to the Philippine Ministry of Agriculture. CIRAD will in turn make requests to the regional delegation of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok (Mr M6gard) concerning collaboration with the DORAS Centre and to the Technical and Scientific Cooperation Service of the French Embassy in Manila for training in France. But in the last case no founding could be obtain for the year 2000.
Rapport de mission

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