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Evaluation of the efficiency and stability of the resistance to MSV from la Réunion introgressed in open-pollinated varieties

Dintinger J., Reynaud B., Letourmy P., Marchand J.L.. 1997. In : Anon. Maize streak virus symposium = [Symposium sur le virus de la striure du maïs]. s.l. : s.n., p. 1-5. Maize Streak Virus Symposium, 1997-09-08/1997-09-11, Transvaal (Afrique du Sud).

MSV resistant varieties has been released at CIRAD la Réunion by introgressing the Mascarene source of resistance from IRAT297. They were tested under artificial inoculation through a multilocation trial in Africa in order to compare them to other varieties against african MSV isolates. The aim was to evaluate the efficiency and the stability in Africa of this resistance. Symptomatological rating from each location were analysed showing highly significative differences between the varieties. The analysis of variance of the series of experiments underlined a significative interaction variety location which was also studied by principal component analysis. We observed that the varieties from la Réunion exhibited the strongest level of resistance in each location. The analysis resulted in the discrimination of varieties groups considering the lever and the variability of their resistances across the locations. The stability of this resistance is discussed.

Mots-clés : zea mays; géminivirus striure du maïs; variété; résistance aux maladies; introgression; expérimentation; réunion; afrique; france

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