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Teak propagation by in vitro culture

Monteuuis O., Bon M.C., Goh D.K.. 1998. Bois et Forêts des Tropiques (256) : p. 43-53.

Possibilities of propagating teak by in vitro culture were assessed from a realistic standpoint of production within the framework of a Research and Development proiect in Sabah (East Malaysia). The tissue culture conditions developed noticeably improved the germination rate of poor germination capacity seed lots. Those obtained in vitro could be further micropropagated. The micropropagation protocol was conceived as simply as possible to multiply vegetatively, through axillary budding-derived shoots, teak genotypes issuing from in vitro germination or of different ages growing outdoors. For this latter type of plant material, the cultures were initiated using l to 2 cm long mononodal portions collected from preferably actively growing shoots. Cultures could also be initiated from shoot apical meristems with a success rate of 60 %. Regardless of their origin, the genotypes were micropropagated according to an exponential multiplication rate of 3n, with n as the number of the 2-month-duration subcultures. Acclimatization was carried out under mist-system in nursery conditions with more than 90 % success. The tissue-culture produced plants developed vigorously during 3 to 4 months of culture in nursery until they reached a suitable size for planting out. To date, 50,000 in vitro plants have been produced on an experimental scale and at low cost applying this protocol that is suitable for intensive production of superior quality teak planting stock. Considering these achievements, the prospects of in vitro culture for propagating selected teak genotypes compared to what can be expected from propagation by rooted cuttings are discussed, mainly from a development point of view.

Mots-clés : tectona grandis; culture in vitro; micropropagation; graine; génotype

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